Lgop was founded by artist Suza Schiele & design/concept developer Warwick Bell in 2009. Bringing together their skills, Warwick in tensioned membrane structures & his experience working in the event, theatre & film industry & Suza with her multimedia art practice, they have collaborated in creating participatory public art installations & inspiring environments that address our collective need for shelter, comfort & social interaction.

GiraGlob is their first internationally registered design/art project

Visit lgop.suza.co.nz to find out about other works by Lgop

GiraGlob - About

“When thinking of a name for our concept, we wanted to describe the object’s form & what it was capable of doing in one word. ‘Glob’ is short for Globe. The GiraGlob Globe is truncated. A piece is missing, so we left the ‘e’ out.  ‘TurnGlob’ did not work for us.

Instead, we liked ‘gira’, the Italian word for ‘turn’, it also made us think of a nice way in describing ‘sunflower’ in Italian: ‘Girasole’. ‘Turnsun.’ The GiraGlob can turn to and away from the sun. Thus, the name GiraGlob was born & stayed with us, even after we found out that ‘Glob’ is also an informal noun in English meaning a thick lump of a semi-liquid substance. Like a thick glob of mozzarella cheese or something. We thought this funny & that a bit of humor would only add to the project.”