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The world’s first GiraGlob is made!

After 3 years of designing & prototyping, it took another 2 years to produce our first GiraGlob. First, 3 moulds, one for the shell, one for the table & one for the bench seat were carefully made. Then after a bit of trial & error, we pulled out our first perfect GiraGlob units which we welded together & finished to make GiraGlob 0001 for our first commission, the Whangarei Council.

GiraGlob 0001, the first of our proposed global mycelium of social sculptures, tells this story: “A globe, the synonym of a sphere is found in a myriad of forms; from seeds & the swelling of the bellies of expecting mothers, to the planets of our solar system. The perfect globe of our full moon & drops of rain creating rings on our calm ocean surface, circle, & sphere have inspired us, to make objects of cultural significance & use since the beginning of human life on our blue planet. A circle has no beginning & no end. We have been conceived in the globular form of the womb, expanded within & burst out to life onto yet another globe, our planet. There is a continuum. Earth rotates on its axis orbiting the sun, together with everything & all of us. Yes, even us now, sitting tucked in together in the globular shell of GiraGlob 0001, turning the orange dial in the middle of the circular table& slowly rotating round & round…”